Salinas Youth Poet Laureate

I have had the extreme privilege and honor of being selected as the 2021 Salinas Youth Poet Laureate. Thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support. I am so thankful to my community and my family for standing by me and always pushing me to be better. I am proud to be a representative of my youth and the beautiful art we make. All I do is through faith and God’s grace. I am so glad I can share this gift and represent such a beautiful city. Salinas is my home and always will be.

When one struggles we all do, and in a time such as this one, we must evaluate what matters. Helping our youth, our homeless, and our farm workers. I hope my art and poem, Salas, brought light to the incredible people who live here but are often forgotten. This one is for the people who love and live in Salinas. I am a proud resident of East Salinas where the light of our city shines the brightest. I’m so thankful to my community and all the love and support I have been receiving. I owe so many thanks to my mother, Cathy, who always stuck by my side and raised 3 beautiful children all on her own. I owe her everything. 

This means so much not only to my family but our community as a whole. That we struggle but we are still strong. I have been a poet my whole life and now I get to represent my community through it. I am so thankful that I get to share my diverse culture and the enriching stories of our home. This is life-changing and I hope to make Salinas proud!

A special shoutout to Andrew Sandoval and Chris Barrera who continue to uplift me and have been by my side since the beginning. Thank you so much!

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